Meet Noura. At 16 years old, her father forced her into an arranged marriage with an older man. Refusing her father Noura escaped to her aunt, over 200km away, where she remained for the next three years and continued her education. After hearing from her father that her wedding plans had been cancelled, Noura returned home, only to find that she had been tricked and a marriage ceremony was underway.

For days, then-19-year-old Noura refused to consummate her marriage, much to the frustration of her new husband. Then, along with his cousins and brothers who held her down, Noura’s husband raped her in front of them. The next day, Noura retaliated against another attempted rape, fatally stabbing her husband. Noura returned to her family, who turned her in to the police out of shame.

Phoebe Egoroff

Founder and of Jurist International, a website focusing on the latest developments in international human rights and criminal law.

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