How Did the World Celebrate #IWD2018?

Thursday, March 8, marked a momentous occasion in the international calendar; International Women’s Day 2018.

Not only is the day a worldwide celebration of women’s social, cultural, and political achievements; it also aimed at striving for further development for the women of the future.

The theme of this year’s day was #PressForProgress. It was created with the intention to encourage women to press for gender equality, and they did not disappoint! Galvanised by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, women all across the globe campaigned for their rights.


Supported by ten unions, 5.3 million women and men all across Spain took part in the nation’s very first ‘feminist strike’ as a direct response to discrimination and gender disparity.

Thousands more women engaging in street protests shouted the slogan, “if we stop, the world stops”.


Italian doctors refusing to perform abortions (even though it is legal) sparked thousands of students to protest in front of hospitals.


In response to France’s 25% pay gap French newspaper, Liberation, charged men €2.50 for Thursday’s edition, while women only had to pay €2.


Thousands of women across India took part in a rally to denounce the nation’s distressing sexual violence culture.

Labor activist, Rakhi Sehgal, stated “we are here to celebrate our strength, our silliness, our merriment, and our power”.


A McDonald’s restaurant in California rearranged their golden arches to resemble a ‘W’ to honour International Women’s Day.


Women in Manila took to the streets to speak out against their president, who they say “has made a joke of women’s existence”.


Saudi Arabian women showed their solidarity for the movement by jogging in the streets.


In an act of bravery, hundreds of Afghani women came together, despite the Taliban, to prompt the government in ensuring women’s education and protection from brutal violence.

While #IWD2018 has so far encouraged more women (and men) to press for equality; millions more are still fighting for an education, an end sexual violence, and a ban on child marriage.

Though, women certainly pressed for progress this year; demanding safety, access to education, the prohibition of a pay gap, and so much more.

Women, let’s keep fighting!

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Phoebe Egoroff

Founder and of Jurist International, a website focusing on the latest developments in international human rights and criminal law.

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