Ahed Tamimi’s Trial Delayed Until February 6

Sixteen-year-old Palestinian, Ahed Tamimi, remains in custody with her mother, Nariman, until the commencement of her trial on February 6.

Due to start today, her 17th birthday, Tamimi was to face a military trial after a video of her hitting two Israeli soldiers went viral.

The Tamimi family are well-known Palestinian activists frequently subjected to violence from occupied forces for protesting against the Israeli settlement of their land.

The viral incident, which occurred on December 15 in Palestine’s West Bank, came just minutes after Israeli forces shot rubber-coated bullets at the head of Tamimi’s 14-year-old cousin. The teen later required cranial surgery to remove the bullet.

Following this, Ahed Tamimi, her mother, father, and two cousins were arrested and detained. One of her cousins was subsequently released on bail.

According to MEMO (the Middle East Monitor), Tamimi and her mother will face trial for charges of “incitement, as well as for shoving soldiers and rock-throwing”. Until the trial finishes, both will be detained and could face upwards of 10 years in prison if charged.

Both women’s and human rights groups, such as Amnesty International, have urged Israeli authorities to release Tamimi after it came to light that not only has she has been a victim of interrogations, but her family has been threatened.

Amnesty International estimates that roughly 350 Palestinian children are currently held in detention.

Sign Amnesty International’s petition for Ahed Tamimi’s release here.

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